10YFP Coordination

This space will be primarily for the 10YFP Secretariat to share documents and communicate information to stakeholders, including the 10YFP programmes, on 10YFP news and activities.

Sub-spaces have been created to allow different groups - the 10YFP Board, Secretariat,  Interagency Coordination Group (IACG), National Focal Points, Stakeholder Focal Points, SCP Regional Platforms, etc - to exchange and share information either publicly or privately, using state of the art online collaboration tools. 

These tools allow for flexible administrative rights, as well as the ability to send notifications to other relevant groups or Clearinghouse members as desired. 

If you do not see your sub-space, or wish to create a new sub-space, do not hesitate to be in touch, scpclearinghouse@unep.org

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